Tube-y Tuesday

Let’s face it: we all love admiring (and criticizing) other bands’ shows just as much as we love marching the shows ourselves.  That’s part of why competing at the high school level is so fun, and why some of us can’t wait until the Drum Corps comes to our town every summer to make us feel jealous in awe pathetic jealawthic.

©Jealawthic [dʒəlɔθik] (adj): jealous + in awe + pathetic

Since it is so fun to watch other bands though, every Tuesday I’m going to post a youTUBE video of a cool marching band show.

This week is going to be very biased.  The Mighty Sound of Maryland is competing against bands across the nation to win $25,000 in CBS’s Hawaii Five-O theme song contest.  Probably most of the people reading this blog already know about this because they are IN the Might Sound of Maryland, but here’s the link to vote for us to win, anyway.

Andddd here’s the video!  Vote for us by October 4!  Every day! NOW!

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