[disclaimer: the title of this post is stolen from the name of my friend Ethan‘s blog]

I don’t have much time to write today, but I thought I should comment on our game this weekend.  There were so many great things about this show: beating DUKE, our rival (who doesn’t hate Duke?) in an exciting win; having a night game when it was cool out; seeing the entire student section actually stay for the whole game; and my personal favorite, making a straight line of clarinets in the microphone formation for our halftime show.

This was the second week we did this show, since we didn’t have time to learn a new one.  We all got to see the video of last week’s version of the show, too, and it was horrifying.  Two reasons: none of the short lines in the handle of the microphone were straight, and one of our arcs looked like a caterpillar on drugs.

We worked a lot early Saturday to fix this, but all I could think about while marching on the field was, “Please Lord, PLEASE help us to make a straight line for the microphone set.”  So, we began “Sweet Home Alabama”, and 48 excruciating counts later we were at a stand fast, frozen into whatever the current interpretation of the set was.  I was so anxious that I stopped playing altogether and looked up on the jumbotron to see if for once, they actually had the entire formation shown on the screen.  And there I saw us: my little tiny clarinets, all in a straight row!

I barely even remember the rest of the show because that moment was so exciting for me.  Straight line diagonals are so hard to teach, and everyone really has to rely on each other to get it right.  I’ve always wanted to explain straight lines in this way though: do you remember in the Sound of Music when the kids are singing their “So Long, Farewell” song at the festival?  They all get in this very straight line–so straight, in fact, that you can only see the Von Trap kids when they tilt their bodies out of line to sing.  THAT’S what a straight line looks like.

Of course, if I ever explained it that way, my squad would probably look at me as if I were on drugs, not the formation.

Anyway, check this video out, but I have to go to bed soon…gotta wake up at 4:30 AM tomorrow for more band at 5:30 AM… and THAT’s another story.

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