These jokes can’t be a Band-Aid

I have a very corny sense of humor.  I think it comes from reading the comics every Sunday since elementary school.  Every Sunday morning after church, my family would come home, get changed out of our nice clothes, and settle down for lunch with a pile of two different Sunday newspapers.  While my parents were reading the news and my brother was looking through the ads for potential Christmas presents, I would read the comics for the latest in the daily life of Charlie Brown, baby Marvin, Dilbert, and Luann.

Sometimes I snort out loud when I read something funny.


pig snort

My brother gets mad at me when I do that, because he hates not knowing what I’m snorting about.


Good grief.

Sometimes, I read Shakespeare for my English classes and giggle out loud at the jokes of the ole’ Bard.


Haha Shakespeare joke!

My roommate calls these “Shakespeare-gasms”.

I was inspired to write about this topic when I saw this marching band/HALLOWEEN comic today:


You better have gotten it. Here are some more corny comics for your viewing pleasure:

Hope you enjoyed that.  Later this week, look for some more Halloween posts and candy-corniness….

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