Tube-y Tuesday

In honor of Halloween, of COURSE I had to post a Halloween-related Youtube video for your weekly dose of Tube-y Tuesday.  At first, I was thinking about posting a video of a s0-bad-it’s-SCARY marching band (corny, I know).  That was until I found this video of the Eastern Kentucky University Marching Band.  They mix up the typical Halloween show by actually wearing their Halloween costumes on the field. 

(Speaking of that, wouldn’t it be cool if for our show this Saturday, we all wore one glove instead of two in honor of MJ?  Credit goes to the saxes, of course, but can someone please suggest this to a drum major?  [All other credit goes to Lisa.])

Anyway, if you’re running short on time, at least just watch the first minute of this show and the hilarious way the band gets onto the field.  I think there’s something spoooky out there…

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