A Band Halloween Poem

It was a normal day at practice

‘Till the black clouds crowded in,

The wind whipped leaves through the trees

So that you couldn’t hear o’er the din.

Still, the band trudged through a run-through,

Never stopping for drink or sit,

And all went well until a halt

When one boy was off just a bit.

Suddenly ghosts flew from the tower,

And spiders crawled at foot,

A witch swooped down on a measuring pole

And blinded him with soot!

A vampire screamed and spat blood

As a mummy marked off the hash;

Frankenstein showed off his march

In a scary Monster Mash.

So all ye marchers, best be warned

To be prepared with sword and shield;

This Saturday you CAN’T be wrong:

They say there’ll be zombies on the field…

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