Tube-y Tuesday

There are some things in my life I have to come to terms with.

For one, by being in marching band, the world categorizes me as a nerd.  I love people–normal people–in band so much, that sometimes I forget that.  However, this worldwide belief became very evident when my FIRST-EVER hits from Google (yes, I can see where people come from to get to my page) were from people who typed “nerd girl Halloween costume” into the search engine.

Did I post at ALL about how to pull off a cute “nerd girl Halloween costume”?  No.  My roommates and I dressed up as “Army Bratz” for Halloween.  Have I ever called myself a nerd?  No.  We don’t use that kind of language here.  The only way WordPress might have possibly tracked that is from a link to a link of a picture of a nerdy girl I posted a few days ago.  But come on, let’s face it.  Even this giant computer system sees the words “marching band” posted all over and makes the synonym “nerd”.

The other thing I came to terms with is the fact that I am a dancing GODDESS.  All other previous data in my life has pointed otherwise (being too tall to get on my friends’ levels in those girl circles at dances; the “Cotton Eye Joe” being my favorite part of any function; etc.).  However, when we were practicing the THRILLER dance for our show this past Saturday, I was told that I was a “GODDESS!”  This is news to me, but something I am of course happy to accept.

So how does this all connect?  Well I sort of already gave it away…the Mighty Sound of Maryland performed a Michael Jackson show on Saturday, with a “Thriller” finale, complete with the whole band doing a near-authentic dance.  And guess what?  When we heard that crowd screaming for us, we did NOT feel like nerds.

We felt like goddesses.

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One Response to Tube-y Tuesday

  1. Tiki Hut says:

    awwww! Truly touching, Lisa.

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