Tube-y Tuesday

This weekend I got to have my first real upperclassman priviledge: making it on the list to travel to the UVA game.  We took a bus of exactly 57 juniors and seniors (mostly) on a three-hour tour trip.  Marching into that stadium, we thought a lot of ourselves, not gonna lie.  We could barely hear UVA’s band, we felt closer to the field than them, AND our football team was kicking butt.  It wasn’t until halftime that we felt intimidated–and not because of the UVA band.  No: this Saturday was high school band day, and there was a rumored 600-count mass of high school marching band members from all over the state of Virginia who came to join the UVA band at halftime.  It was crazy seeing the line of band members keep on going, and going, and going….

But even though our little junior-senior band was outnumbered, we were definitely still able to appreciate the close to 1,000 people playing on the field.  Here’s a short video of a cute little girl watching them practice before the game.  Listen and see if you can hear the 100+ trombones playing songs from the musical known for its “76 Trombones”…

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One Response to Tube-y Tuesday

  1. Tiki Hut says:

    lol i’m impressed you were able to find a video of that! YAY BAND!!

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