5 Crazy Music Holiday Gifts

Stumped as to what gift to get for your best friend/mom/cat (respectively) for the holidays?  Look no further.  Take Note, as always, has the answer to all your needs.

Bread Pod

Bread Pod

Love music?  Love bread even more?  Then the Bread Pod is for you!  (It’s an iPod made out of bread.)

A Cactus

We all have that person in our life: they’d rather take five flights of stairs than waste elevator electricity, Trader Joe is their deity and during these holidays, they’d pick green over red every time.  So why not get them a cactus plant this Christmas?  It barely wastes any of the Earth’s water AND you can pick out a tune.



Boom boxes are so old-school.  Why not give the gift of classiness for your loved one’s iPhone?  This bell increases the volume of an iPhone by four times without any power.  Wouldn’t the physical iPhone actually act as a mute, you ask?  Why, it IS smack dab in the middle of the bell.  My answer for you is that it can’t possibly be–not for this amp’s price tag of $195.

I’m-a-Nerd Shirt

Mandolin Hero T-Shirt

Remember that one year when Guitar Hero was all the rage?  Suddenly every child knew all the Classic Rock songs and music-playing was really brought to the video game scene.  So, why not all musical instruments?  Any why not make t-shirts with parodies of the game?  Help your friend advertise her inner Mandolin Hero for $18.

Musical Measuring Spoon

5-in-1 Musical Measuring Spoon

Do you know someone who loves music AND who loves to cook AND has small kitchen drawers?  Have no fear.  The 5-in-1 Musical Measuring Spoon is here for your stocking-stuffer needs.  Just slide that little plate over to get different amounts of ingredients in your measuring spoon and you’re all set.  I think this would be way cooler if it played some kind of cooking song while you were holding it, but I guess an upside down treble clef is good enough.  Only $1.99 from Music Treasures Co.!

What are some of the weirdest presents you’ve received?  What’s the best present you’ve ever received?  Edit: What’s the best present you received as a kid?  (Mine was probably a Tamagotchi.) Comment below, peeps.

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2 Responses to 5 Crazy Music Holiday Gifts

  1. WMJMJW says:

    All of your posts are amazing! The military bowl was spot-on, BUT maybe we could all get free Ipods for going….these would be bread Ipods, of course. 😛

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