Tube-y Tuesday

In my Thanksgiving post, I outlined some stereotypes about the different instrument sections.  Of course not everything I mentioned encompasses what each person is like in these sections, but I did cover a lot.

One thing I did not write about, however, is a unique quality about the Mighty Sound of Maryland clarinet section.  We actually like to play sports.

Band people?  Playing sports?  I know it sounds like a paradox, but it’s true.  Intramural basketball?  A few of the guys were on a team.  Intramural softball?  We’re there.  Soccer?  Yep.  Flag football?  We had so many interested in playing that we had to form TWO teams in the intramural league this year.  

Now I will admit that clarinets are not jocks.  In our flag football season last year, we won zero games.  We scored one touchdown.  And we got a penalty for celebrating that touchdown….But that’s probably the fault of people like me who are more concerned with matching uniforms than the intricacies of a trick play.

Nevertheless, I’d say that the majority of the band actually watches and understands the football games we go to–and all of us enjoy them.  This week’s video is courtesy of my friend Theresa, and it’s of the University of Hawaii‘s band playing their own, huge football game at halftime.

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3 Responses to Tube-y Tuesday

  1. Brian says:

    Wow, that’s so impressive! I have no idea what song they’re playing, but it doesn’t really matter :P.
    Marching band directors should *take note* – drill like this really gets the crowd going.

  2. alyspins says:

    Talk about trick plays…..

    and I love that the clarinets play and intramural sport! Go band kids! 🙂

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