Take on the Sing-Off

Finally!  Finals are over.  Now it’s time to relax for a week until Christmas and do all the things I never get to do during the semester…like read books for fun, play the piano, cross stitch (yes, I’m an old woman),  go shopping, write a 5-page paper (wait, what?) for my England study abroad trip in January, see all my friends from home, watch some Christmas movies, watch some TV….

Time out. I was going to relax, wasn’t I?

Simon Cowell

Well, this is how my life goes, apparently.  Anyway, after hanging out with my family at home, I did get to cross one of those things off the list, and catch up on the episodes of The Sing-Off that I missed.  I almost never religiously follow TV shows like a normal person does, but for one exception: American Idol.  My family and I love critiquing every singer and even though I’ve been saying that I’ll refuse to watch it this season now that Simon Cowell is gone, I’ll probably end up turning it on, anyway.  (New plan for England: find Simon and convince him to come back.)

However, the semi-new show called The Sing-Off has become a runner-up in my very short TV list.  It’ll never be as good as American Idol, but then again, nothing can.  Here’s my music-television-show-expert take on The Sing-Off.

The show

The Sing-Off (general):  I like the premise of the show.  A capella is one of my favorite genres (see UMD Generics), so props to pop culture for giving it more attention.  Big band jazz next, please?  Hopefully this will catch on more and make for a longer season than 3 weeks.

Nick Lachey: I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a more scripted host.  “Signing off from The Sing-Off”?  Can you get any cornier?  And please, boy.  You may have been in a boy band back in the day, but no one really cared about 98 Degrees.  Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC are where it’s at.

The judges

Ben Folds: Ben is trying to be the Simon of this show, but he’s not as mean and not as funny so he doesn’t really succeed.  He does seem to have the most musical knowledge out of the bunch though, and I did love him when he came in concert to Maryland last year.  Does anyone else think he looks like Austin Powers?

Nicole Scherzinger: Nicole is supposed to be American Idol‘s Paula Abdul here, but we all know from experience that no one can replicate the ditzy-yet-lovable quality that Paula has (don’t even get me started on Kara DioGuardi).  On my DVR, I fastforward through her annoying comments every time.

Shawn Stockman: It’s pretty respectable that Shawn’s from Boys II Men.  He’s kind of funny as a judge, but also kind of forgettable.

The finalists

The Backbeats: This group obviously has some talented singers, although their narrative is lacking since they only got together to win money on this show.  I wasn’t sure at first, but now I’m very impressed with one of their lead singers, Joanna Jones.  (She sang the solo for “Landslide” this week.  Fun fact: she labels herself as a soprano.  Surprising, right?)  She reminds me a little bit of Kelly Clarkson.

Committed: These guys are my favorite and I hope they win this competition!  It’s so sweet that they’re church boys who are a little uncomfortable dipping into pop/R&B, yet do it anyway, and do it well.  Their voices are all very pretty and I have loved literally all of their performances so far.

Jerry Lawson and Talk of the Town: What a bunch of cute old guys!  I knew the judges wouldn’t have the guts to ever kick them off.  I don’t think they’ll win since the genre they like to sing is way on the other end of the spectrum from Lady Gaga, BUT I hope they still become successful performing for other old people across America.

Street Corner Symphony: This is a very laid  back group.  They are all very talented, but I’m pretty sure if they don’t win, they’ll just go back to their everyday lives drinking beer and hanging out.  There’s no motivation there.  Street Corner Symphony is that really talented smart kid in your class that doesn’t take notes yet still gets awesome grades.  How do they do that?

If you made it to the bottom of this post because you are as into judging music television (not MTV) as I am, then you can vote for your favorite group here by Sunday at 9 pm.  Go Committed!!

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2 Responses to Take on the Sing-Off

  1. Corie says:

    I don’t know about Committed…I mean sure, their story sounds great and all, but couldn’t it totally just be an act for them to get people (like us) to like them and vote for them? Happens all the time, so I’m kinda skeptical that they’re REALLY that uncomfortable doing “sexy” pop/R&B stuff, but I guess we’ll see if it worked for them or not!

  2. Purple Piggy says:

    This was a long post, Lisa and I read it all. No, I’m not interested in stupid music TV shows. You are awesome though!

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