Cheers from England

Hi from a hostel in Bristol!

I’m paying for my 10 min of internet time but I just thought this would be an easy way to say hi to everyone.  I’ve been in England for almost a week and a half so far and so far we’ve gone to Buckingham Palace, Tralfagar Square, HARROD’S (WOO!), the Tower of London, and a bunch of museums in London, and now I’m in Bristol.  We’re staying here for 4 nights and then going to Liverpool and then back to London again.  Youth hostels are pretty cool…it’s like freshman year again except there are 4 girls sleeping in a room that might be smaller than our freshman dorm room.  We have to do a lot of class work here which isn’t the best but I’m learning a lot. 

I still have to drink some British tea and eat some fish and chips, but I’ve had a meat pastie here which is really good!

This has nothing to do with music but o well.  I’m almost out of time.  Of course I’ll post lots of pics later!  Miss you all!

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