Playlist from Hell

Helloooo again, dear readers!  May I be the first  to welcome (most of) you back to the real world (kind of) that is college classes and homework.  And with those classes and homework comes procrastination, and with procrastination comes websites to procrastinate on!  I hope you all had wonderful winter breaks.  My study abroad trip to England and France this January was awesome, thanks for asking.

I felt inspired to blog today because whenever something very uncomfortable happens in your life, it usually makes you feel better to tell other people about it.  One of my fellow camp counselors pointed this out to me when I was younger.  “You know, Lisa,” she told me, “today I really had to poop and completely stunk up the Arts and Crafts Room bathroom.  Then when I walked out, [insert cute male counselor’s name] was wincing, standing outside the door to walk in next.  It was totally embarrassing at the time, but the more I tell the story, the better I feel!”  Needless to say, over half the counselors knew about her escapade by the end of the day, and–somehow–this made her feel better.

My uncomfortable story does not involve indigestion, but rather a series of unfortunate events on the unfortunate first day of my spring internship.

This semester I’m interning with a book publisher in the suburbs of Maryland.  Being a college student without a car, this means that I have to rely on public transportation.  Even though the publisher’s office is a 15-minute drive away, I have to take two Metro buses over the span of an hour to make it to my destination.

One car = Two buses

As always, I was worried.  And apparently my iPod knew that I should be.

Since this morning was my first morning at my internship, I decided to wait for my first bus EXTRA early.

Mistake #1.

My first bus came an excruciating 10 minutes late, which was going to give me less than a 5 minute cushion between Bus #1’s arrival at the New Carrollton Metro Station and Bus #2’s departure from the Metro Station.

As I waited, I felt like everyone walking–or driving–by was looking at me with pity.  Poor little girl in heels, waiting out in the cold! When Bus #1 finally came at 9:21–this is entirely true–my shuffle playlist on my iPod chose Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus”.

The next song to play was “Up and Up” by Relient K.  I did feel like I was on the “Up and up”.  We even drove on Good Luck Road (no lie!).  I took it as a sign–literally–wishing me well on my internship travels.  You never know with these things though–they could be taken sarcastically–so I was a little skeptical, but I brushed it off.  Here’s a picture of the actual road from Google Maps:

Good Luck Road, New Carrollton

Anyway, the bus was warm, it was moving, and as we approached the New Carrollton Metro Station, I saw Bus #2 driving literally right in front of us.  As we pulled into the station, I willed that bus to stay put, and as soon as Bus #1 parked, I jumped off and power walked straight through Bus #2’s doors.  “Yay!” I thought, relieved.  I turned my iPod off and settled down with some reading.  It was 9:50.  I told my supervisor I’d be in at 10:30.  Everything was going to be OK.

Happy buses!

Apparently, however, I should have stuck with listening to my iPod and looking out the window, because the next time I looked up from my reading, we were in a Maryland suburbia that I did not recognize. I ripped my printed bus map out of my bag.  Alas!  In my sprint to catch Bus #2, I had discovered the correct bus route–but my new high heeled shoes had scrambled up the steps of the bus going in the opposite direction.

By this point we had reached the last stop on the line at Cheverly Metro Station.  It was 10: 07.  I frantically ran up to the bus driver to ask her if she was continuing the bus route in the opposite direction–if so, I could make it to the office by 10:24 with 6 minutes to spare.  But no.  She instructed me to wait for the next bus that was going in the correct direction.  Me, my high heels, and my honor slumped off pseudo-Bus #2 into the cold, Cheverly Station winter.

Do you know how depressing a Metro station can be?  At times, when you JUST make your train/bus/etc., you feel a sense of triumph and accomplishment.  At others, you feel completely helpless.  Your entire schedule and world is in the hands of a system that’s at a standstill between creating a Purple Line or just fixing all its broken escalators.  In Paris, some of the Metro stations looked creepy like this:

And in London they tell you this:

…so that no one kills themselves stepping off the trains in the Metro station.

But back in America, I was waiting for a bus, and according to the schedule, it wasn’t going to get me to my internship until 11:18–almost an hour late.

Luckily, I had my supervisor’s phone number in case of emergency (I TRY to be prepared) and I had a very difficult conversation with her.  Difficult for me, because I was severely trying to control my voice, but fine on her part apparently, because she said she felt bad and didn’t (ALLEGEDLY) seem upset.  So, naturally, my next step after we hung up was to call my boyfriend and start bawling.

Sad buses

Despite my deepest fears, however, REAL Bus #2 did come at 10:24.  Music always makes me feel better, so I decided to turn on my iPod again (while keeping a strict eye on the road, of course).  And what does my shuffle choose as we’re pulling away?  “Shake It” by–wait for it–Metro Station.

GREAT sense of humor, Mr. Jobs.

Luckily, once I actually made it to the office, the first day of my internship went really well.  I’m excited to actually do real work there.  But of course, today I couldn’t be TOO excited, because the entire time, all I could think about was the journey home.  This time, Bus #1 was supposed to arrive at the New Carrollton Metro Station at 4:43 and Bus #2 was supposed to leave the Metro station at 4:44.

I know, right?  Who am I kidding?  One minute apart?  But this time, Good Luck Road was on my side.  Once again, as Bus #1 pulled into the parking lot, I had my eye on the still-parked prize.  For real this time.  For the second time today, I leaped out of the bus.  I started power walking across the lot towards Bus #2.  It started driving away from its spot.   There was no WAY I was going to let those buses mess with me again, though.  I pushed myself into a full-out sprint, heels and all–and made it to the bus doors to a grinning driver, just shaking his head.

Who knows why all these things happened to me today, or why my iPod decided to play nasty tricks on me?  All I know is that on my second day of my internship…I’m wearing flats.

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1 Response to Playlist from Hell

  1. Purple Piggy says:

    Hahahaha I loved this post, Lisa. Very well written, entertaining, and of course, just enough of a break from my work. 🙂

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