Tube-y Tuesday

It’s Tuesday, February 1, and there’s one thing on every Terp’s mind: the Duke game tomorrow night.  Normally there’s a lot of excitement for this basketball game of the year, but this year especially has some added interest.

1. We actually won last year, Duke lost recently, and the general feeling on campus is that we might have a chance at winning again.

2. Last year’s post-game celebrations somehow turned into a riot involving police on horseback.  What will happen this year?

3. The student government is trying to answer that question by creating a 30-foot bonfire on Chapel Field for students to safely celebrate at.  I’m not sure about you, but I usually don’t use “30-foot bonfire” and “safe” in the same sentence.  (To be fair, the facebook event calls the bonfire a “constructive space”.)

Hence, the bonfire has become the talk of the campus: will it work?  Will anyone go?  It will be time to test how drunk you need to be to get close to a 30-foot flame.  Being in the marching band, however, one of my main concerns is: why in the world are they setting our practice field on fire?  Legitimate question, I think.

In honor of the fire, today’s video is featuring a section of the band that is often featured, yet not always completely included in the idea of a marching band.  Yep, it’s time for some fire-baton twirlers.


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