Tube-y Tuesday

So for today’s video, I thought I’d continue the Valentine’s Day spirit.  (Shout out to my boyfriend for a great dinner in D.C. and flowers last night! =]) Anyway, I searched YouTube for “marching band heart” in the hope of finding some band that made a heart formation or something on the field.  Instead, the most common link was USC Trojan Marching Band’s performance of “Heartbreaker”.

This intrigued me on many levels.

1. One of my friends from high school played sax in the Trojan Marching Band for this song and I think it’s awesome that he’s in a video online.

2. The Trojan Marching Band literally DID have a “heartbreaker” this year, thanks to their football team.  The school gave “improper benefits” to their past all-star, Reggie Bush, and now the team has a two-year bowl ban.  So now the freshmen like my friend who got to go to the HUGE Rose Bowl their first year now are ensured to have no more bowl games for the rest of their time at college.

3.  Isn’t it ironic that I was looking for something to do with Valentine’s Day and the first thing I found was “Heartbreaker”?

Anyway, the video quality of this is not so great, but the music IS so great.  Check out their horn moves and the trumpet feature.  And as my Trojan friend would say, “Fight on!”

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  1. Yolanda says:

    This blog is whack.

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