Tube-y Tuesday

I’m really excited about the video for this week! I came upon it by accident. I was procrastinating as usual, and was checking my Gmail account, just like I do every 10 minutes whenever I’m on a computer. Then what to my wondering eyes does appear but a Twitter notification about a new follower, dear! The follower was @burnabrain, which is the Twitter feed for their blog, Burn a Brain.  It sounded like the perfect procrastination site for me, so I checked it out.  It turned out to have a ton of funny pictures and videos, and this video was one of them.  It’s hilarious, and it also features a guy who looks like a kid in my choir class, which I’ll write about later!  (The class, not the kid.)  Anyway, it’s a clip of a comedy group doing a skit about how all popular songs only have FOUR chords.  You HAVE to watch the whole thing through–it’s GREAT.


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