Tube-y Tuesday

Hey guys.   So tonight’s Tube-y Tuesday was put off due to me making a few pounds of Hamburger Helper, then running to the Writing Center, then running to my friends’ intramural basketball game, then–well–procrastinating with my roommates by looking up our horoscopes.  Lucky for me, when I DID start doing work on my paper due tomorrow, I came across quick inspiration.

My paper is about Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Fourth UN World Conference on Women in 1995.  I was researching and came across some really cool information–and photos–from the conference.  And how appropriate is it that today happens to be International Women’s Day?  This picture is of a band (I think?) from the opening ceremony of the corresponding NGO conference in 1995:

My roommate talked to her friend studying abroad in Poland, and apparently in that country, International Women’s Day is an occassion for husbands and boyfriends to take their wives and girlfriends (respectively) out to dinner and buy them flowers, etc.  A SECOND Valentine’s Day?! Awesome!

Here’s a video of a high school band playing “Man, I Feel Like a Woman”.  Watch the second half and keep your eye on the male drum major.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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