Tube-y Tuesday

It amazes me the things people do sometimes.  When I was walking back from class today, I saw a guy walking down the sidewalk wearing these:


Jumpsoles...Sold at

I was so confused as to why he was wearing reverse high heels.  Is this a new fashion? I wondered.  Then I looked them up on Google so I could find a picture, and discovered that these “Jumpsoles” are supposed to help you jump higher/get stronger calves/enable you to dunk.  REALLY?  Something that adds inches to the bottom of your feet can make you jump higher?

Later today, I was reading my Twitter feed and looking at the trending topics.  One was #drunkestievergot.  REALLY?  You’re bragging to people you don’t know about how drunk you got?  AND you’re using horrible grammar?

Another trending topic was #throwagrenade.  Some people wanted to #throwagrenade at people who can’t drive.  A Justin Bieber fan wanted to #throwagrenade at his homework.  But who says that they will #throwagrenade at “chicks with messed up faces”?

For Tube-y Tuesday, I decided I wanted to make it a St. Patty’s Day theme.  So, I typed in “leprechaun band” into YouTube.  And I actually found a video.  Of people dressed as leprechauns.  In a “string” [AKA marching] band.



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