Tube-y Tuesday

We’re back from Spring Break,  the cherry blossoms are in bloom…so is anyone else wondering when the heck they’re going to start up preparations for marching band?  As anyone in band, anyone who is living with a band member, or anyone who is friends with one will tell you, band is a year-round thing.  We’ve practiced in the summer, performed (and practiced!) in the fall, did Pep Band in the winter, and now that Pep Band is winding down in the spring, it’s time to start up marching band preparations again.

Why haven’t we had squad leader or section leader tryouts yet?  Also, what happened to having Halftime Committee meetings to plan out our shows for next year?  There’s always so much conversation about both of these important topics–people competing for leadership and what the season will look like next year–but everyone has been talking about them except for the band directors.  (And if they are, we haven’t heard.)  Their lack of typical proactiveness (<–apparently not a real word) is making me nervous.

In fact, I decided to take action myself.  There’s a website called where you can actually create your own show with mini band members!

The website won’t let me post a video on here, but here’s the link to my video on the website, and below is a snapshot.

Personally, I think it’s a brilliant idea for a show.

Try making your own!  If you do, post the link in the comments box.

Happy Tuesday!


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2 Responses to Tube-y Tuesday

  1. Mike Wisniewski says:

    Don’t worry. DMs and Directors are meeting today, so hopefully stuff will happen soon 🙂

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