Tube-y Tuesday

BREAKING NEWS: There’s less than a month left until the last day of classes! If you’re anyone but a senior, this means you’re probably looking through your assignment book/Google calendar and starting to freak out about all the things ahead.  (And hey, you’re probably freaking out if you’re a senior, too, if life after graduation is still as unclear as Cliff Tucker’s reason for switching from Maryland basketball to football.  Shout out to Quahog Pizza for informing me about that!)

Unluckily for everyone involved, the end of the semester often means group projects.  My question is: does ANYONE actually like group projects?  Have you EVER been in a group in which you felt like everyone else did as much work as you did? (Unless you’re one of those slackers that we workers hate.)  One group project that sticks out in my mind was when we created a Rube Goldberg machine in my 8th grade science class.  If you never had the pleasure of that group project, a Rube Goldberg machine is one that has a bunch of complicated simple machines within it that ultimately perform a simple task.  Ours poured a cup of tea, but not without our slaving over it for hours.  And now my partner goes to UPenn.  Thus the stupidity of group projects.

Anyway, today’s video is of a super awesome musical Rube Goldberg machine created by Japanese agency Drill, Inc.  They basically created a huge wooden xylophone in the middle of the woods that is activated by a small wooden ball and plays Bach’s Cantata 147.  The twist?  The whole video was created for a cell phone video camera commercial.

Check it out!

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