Come to my Concert!: The Choir Edition

Let’s just get things out of the way: you should all come to my choir concert tonight!  The University Chorale and UM Chamber Singers will be performing at CSPAC at 8:00.  Student tickets are $9.

But this is a BAND blog, you say.  Why would I want to go to a choir concert? Luckily, I came up with a few reasons for you.

1. I’m in it.

OK, there are no other reasons.


2. We’re singing really cool songs–a few about sleeping, a scary one in German about the brevity of life, a few in French about nature, and one about harvesting.  Some of the composers are Eric Whitacre, Aaron Copland, and Brahms.

3. Thrown off by songs in different languages? Well guess what? There are no words at all in band music, so you have no room to complain!

4. One of our songs is called the “Promise of Living,” in which we were told to imagine that we were farmers/prairie men and women while we were singing.  (“Be macho men!” our director told the tenors.  There was silence.  Then one raised his hand and asked, “Could I research that first?”)

You can even choose your color!

5. Come see my really hideous choir shirt/long skirt ensemble.  If you stay afterwards, I might even let you try it on!

6. What else better do you have to do on a Friday night?  Really?

7.  All the cool people are doing it.

8. You’re all music lovers! Enjoy listening to good music!

9. I’m running out of time/reasons…internship applications are staring me down on my desk….


I’ll see you there!

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2 Responses to Come to my Concert!: The Choir Edition

  1. Corie says:

    #1 is the only reason I’m going! YAY!

  2. Kelsey says:

    i dunno Corie. the super hot shirt/ long skirt is pretty enticing

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