Tube-y Tuesday

So today’s video isn’t as light-hearted as most Tube-y Tuesdays are, and maybe it’s because I feel like my nose just expanded to three times its size and then switched careers with a waterfall.

Why yes, that is Niagara Falls.

So lady-like, I know. 

On a serious note, today’s video is about arts advocacy.  We’ve all heard countless stories about arts being the first thing to be cut in schools.  Probably for most of us, we were luckily unaffected, because we had programs that fed us into a college marching band, playing in the community, etc.  However, this is not the case everywhere.  People are deeming the arts unnecessary to a person’s education and well-being. 

I’d have to say it’s quite the opposite.  Art helps us enhance our brains FOR our classes.  Reading music not only requires being able to quickly calculate fractions, but it also simultaneously encourages us to use the other side of our brain to make the music emotional.  Art helps us express ourselves, and in a world where diets and psychologists are trendy, people should be in support of the mental healthiness that art brings.

But I’ll let the video speak for this.  I actually found it through one of my old high school marching band directors.  Arts advocacy is an important issue, and something that we should continously support.

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