Tube-y Tuesday

You know that saying “Be careful what you wish for”?  Well I’m applying some of that belated advice to myself tonight.

In an earlier post, I complained that they hadn’t held Squad Leader or Section Leader auditions yet.  And now that my audition is approaching on Friday, I’m beginning to wonder why I was so upset.

Who ever likes to audition?  I never audition if I don’t have to for anything that involves playing the clarinet.  It’s always been that way.  I love playing the piano and getting better at it through practicing, but I actually can’t stand practicing the clarinet.  I mean, you have to take out ALL the pieces from your case, put them together, then sit still and play FOREVER until you get really hot, your mouth gets tired, or you go insane.

Or is that just me?

After the Halftime Committee meeting tonight, I swiped myself into a practice room and forced myself to sit down and find a piece of music to play for my Squad Leader audition on Friday.  (Can I just throw in a side note here and ask why the heck does someone in charge of marching have to also play the clarinet at their audition?  Do the section leaders have to march at their auditions??)  Anyway, I found two pieces that had potential–AKA one I played three years ago in high school and is super easy, and one is a new piece that I could MAYBE pull off by Friday.  But I was getting so antsy that I could barely stay in there for a half hour.  I was thinking about more important things.  Like, why do they have mirrors in the practice rooms?  Could people hear me playing through the open window?  Doesn’t CSPAC have enough money to tune their pianos?  How many people have made out where I was sitting?

Luckily, I have a back up plan for Friday.  I’m going to hire the kid in this video to play for my audition.  He’ll probably win them over just with his clarinet neck strap.

It’ll work, won’t it?

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2 Responses to Tube-y Tuesday

  1. Moriah Alston says:

    I was cracking up the entire time while reading this. Good job! And you’ll do fine on Friday, don’t worry.

  2. Purple Piggy says:

    I agree with Moriah 🙂

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