The Maryland-Miami Game

This picture is a good representation of tonight’s game.  It’s of my impromptu drying rack.  We’ve got my soaked Maryland band hat, two pairs of soaked socks (one pair from practice and one from the game), my roommate’s soaked socks, my shako (unseen is the grass and mud on the other side), a wet garment bag, and some wet red clothes.  If you weren’t there or haven’t guessed, IT RAINED TONIGHT.

Now, rain at a game might be something you’d think would be miserable.  But not for us tonight.  Did we put on our parkas? No.  Did my clarinet lose a pad from getting wet?  Yes.  Did I care?  No.  (Not yet.)  Did the rain pouring over the brims of our hats motivate the band, the team, and the sold-out stadium?  Heck yes.

I hate it when I see marching band t-shirts or websites that say, “What is the football team doing on our field?”  That’s just stupid.  We’re all obviously here to have fun, but we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t to support the team.  Don’t get me wrong–running out for my last first Pregame Show as a SENIOR was incredibly awesome, as was the student section’s dancing and reaction to our Top 40 halftime show.  But how about that GAME?  It was close and exciting the entire time.  And an interception with 39 seconds left?  We couldn’t stop jumping up and down.

We just had our Early Week last week, and all the upperclassmen were trying to show the “New Men” what the Mighty Sound of Maryland is all about: being a family, doing your best, being a musician, supporting Maryland……but it’s also about football.

Tonight, we savored all of those.

All I do is win.

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2 Responses to The Maryland-Miami Game

  1. Mukungkung says:

    “running out for my last first Pregame Show” – I hope this doesn’t become a routine thing 😛

    but great post!

  2. T-Bird says:

    Aww! I agree with Mukungkung. Not to mention I am extremely honored he chose to call himself that <3333.

    Great job, Lease 🙂

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