Music = Success in Politics

This video in my Twitter feed this morning inspired me to do some of my only thinking this winter break.  The video is of President Obama at a fundraiser in New York–a fundraiser at which Al Green happened to be present.

(In my opinion,) Obama singing is COMPLETELY effective!  Females in the audience were screaming and crazy.  It’s like when Justin Bieber, *NSYNC, or male a capella groups sing. Girls can’t resist men who sing well.  (I guess Justin Bieber doesn’t totally fit into the “man” category of course.)  I mean Obama probably wouldn’t have made it past Hollywood on American Idol, but he was decent!  And that’s all that matters to his screaming female audience.  Yes, he may be getting votes through women having tiny crushes on him, but it’s not news that candidates who are better looking, taller, and with more hair are usually more successful with both sexes.  I’m not a guy, but men probably though this video was at least funny and ballsy.  What a great campaign strategy.

If you think about it, politicians who are musicians are often well-liked by the public.


Bill Clinton and his saxophone: Condoleezza Rice and her skills as a concert pianist:

Thomas Jefferson played the violin and once called music “the favorite passion of my soul.”

Musicians are often motivated, self-disciplined, and intelligent.  I think people also enjoy seeing that musical politicians have another, more human side to them.

Even more reason for me to become the first female President of the United States.

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