Weird Carol of the Bells

It’s only December 9 and already we’ve been bombarded with cutesy holiday commercials: shoppers dancing, impromptu choirs singing about computers, and of course, ads for cars with huge Christmas bows on them. (Which always leads me to wonder–who gets a car for Christmas? And where do you get a bow like that?)

With all of these twists on Christmas songs and traditions, I started thinking about just how much the traditional Christmas songs have been recycled, distorted, and “revamped” throughout the years. And because this blog embraces what some would call the “weird,” I created a YouTube compilation video with people around the world playing “Carol of the Bells”–on weird instruments.

Happy Holidays!

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1 Response to Weird Carol of the Bells

  1. Steven Davies says:

    This is weird . . . and awesome. The house is the best. Great video Lisa keep em comin.

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