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Weird Carol of the Bells

It’s only December 9 and already we’ve been bombarded with cutesy holiday commercials: shoppers dancing, impromptu choirs singing about computers, and of course, ads for cars with huge Christmas bows on them. (Which always leads me to wonder–who gets a … Continue reading

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Music = Success in Politics

This video in my Twitter feed this morning inspired me to do some of my only thinking this winter break.  The video is of President Obama at a fundraiser in New York–a fundraiser at which Al Green happened to be … Continue reading

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“That takes the cake!”

Two fun musical facts I learned in my classes this week: 1. Back in the 19th century, slaves used to compete and perform a dance called the “Cakewalk” for their masters, and the slaves who won the contest were given … Continue reading

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Whoops Wednesday

So yesterday I didn’t have time for Tube-y Tuesday because I finished my LAST final of the semester and totally went into summer mode of relaxing.  I actually already made a list of things I’m going to do this summer: … Continue reading

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Tube-y Tuesday

Happy last day of classes, everyone!!  Everyone’s super excited, right? NO, you say?  Actually worried about studying for finals?  Or writing papers? Are you planning on pulling an all-nighter? Are you ready to accept your classmates seeing you with baggy … Continue reading

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